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Chanoma, Sydney

Chanoma is been around for awhile, and we all love their matcha things on the menu. This time

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Derauma, Sydney

I think I’ve been to Derauma a couple of times, but there’s so many delicious things on the

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Little Hutong, Little Bay

It was lovely to be invited to visit Little Hutong, I probably wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise. Hidden amongst new

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Kujin, Elizabeth Bay

Why have I not heard of this place before??? It should be super popular! Maybe it’s hidden amongst

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Ramen O-san, Haymarket

So many ramen places popping up these days, can’t keep up! But I finally went and tried the


Free wine from HotelClub and Magisso wine cooler review

This is a very different blog post isn’t it? I usually do restaurant reviews, but lately have been

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Tenkomori, Sydney

I’ve been here quite a few times before. Tenkomori is just conveniently located in the middle of the


Mappen, Bondi Junction

I’ve had the Mappen in the city many times, since it is such a tasty, fast and cheap

Dee Why

Sushi Train, Dee Why

We made a trip to Sushi Train at Dee Why since we were invited to go there for a meal (Thank you!). To be honest, I haven’t been to the Sushi Train chains for a long long time since there’s been so many other sushi train places around nowadays. As soon as we found the

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Pu’er, Waterloo

It was a privilege to be invited to Pu’er to try their menu. I’ve always passed by when

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Ippudo, Central Park

To be very very honest, I was never a massive fan of Ippudo. Yes, their ramen is good, but price was abit too much compared to the other places that do amazing ramen as well However, the Ippudo at Central park that will open on the 2nd of October really spun my thoughts around! The

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Three Williams, Redfern

TALK OF TOWN!!! PHOTOS EVERYWHERE!!! The French toast is definitely the signature looks sooo photogenic! Yes, and


The Colonial, Darlinghurst

Best Indian restaurant I’ve been to! Okay, to be honest, I don’t have the entire Sydney to compare, as I don’t go to MANY Indian restaurants…but I have tried a few…and I do like Indian food…not something I will go eat every single day, but from time to time, that butter chicken craving will come

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Miso Japanese Restaurant, Sydney

Miso is very authentic, the tonkatsu lunch boxes that you get in Japan – that is exactly what

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Micky’s Cafe, Paddington

Micky’s cafe, although a little far for me, I love this cafe…the opening hours are quite long already,