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Bay Vista, Brighton Le Sands

I dare say…this is the best dessert place in Sydney!
Not sure where you live, but despite the long drive for me, I will hike up there anytime for their desserts. I introduce it to friends, and they all love it :)

What attracts me is their variety of desserts, and their reasonable price. They have my fav crepes there, and big ice cream bowls, waffles, cakes, and different types of hot/cold drinks specialising in chocolate.

After or before your dessert feast, you can just enjoy a relaxing walk by the Brighton Le Sands beach. Depending on time, it can get quite popular and full, so make sure you are not in a rush, and just allow time to relax, enjoy and devour your dessert~

83 The Grand Pde
Brighton Le Sands NSW
9556 1727

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