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Ching Yip Coffee Lounge

This place I believe is one of the first HK cafes in Sydney. Been there since I was little, used to be on near the gold tree at Chinatown, and used to be soooo good, and STILL IS!

Now they are hidden, in the Dixon House, upstairs, but still heaps of business, probably from their old customers or word of mouth.

What do you need to try? Well of course their usual milk teas/ lemon teas, and what you usually eat at HK cafes, all are good. But most importantly their OMELETS!!! Whatever you like, but it comes with yummy fries, and a little salad. And the usual HK cafe food, CHEAP, CHEAP and CHEAP!

Love that place!!! :) Old time favourite!

Level 2, Dixon House
413 Sussex St, Chinatown
9281 1591
7 days, 9.am – 8.30pm

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