2 thoughts on “Thanon Khaosan, Sydney

  1. Thai food lover says:

    Went in on a weekday at 5:30pm. Place was empty except for 1 table. I had a groupon voucher and I was dining alone. As soon as staff member found out that I was using a voucher, she said ‘must book’ and that they are full. I said it’s only for 1 person and I can eat and go within 1/2 hour but she would not budge. That was so silly and ridiculous given it was ‘off peak’. She could have reduced 1-groupon diner but NO. Definitely no business sense and no sense of hospitality and friendliness – so unlike the friendliness that the Thais are renowned for.

  2. Steph says:

    Hi Thai food lover,
    That’s really disappointing to know. I always wanted to go back to try their PadThai again. This place used to be more busy, and knowing that they have groupon deals now, shows that they are not doing well as a business. There’s a few thai places that pop up next to them- maybe give them a try? They are probably better and took over their business.
    Thank of your input :)

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